Magical journey begins

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Welcome to your learning journal! I am Steven here and thank you for visiting my site.

We are here because our reasons meet, and therefore, a divine appointment was created for us. Be it you are a newbie or advance practitioner in Metaphysics. Be it you are lost in your learning journey, or even, seeking for a breakthrough in your Yi Jing/ I Ching, Bazi and Feng Shui level. Somewhere in this magical journal, lies an answer for your question in some ways.

My interest in metaphysics started when I was a kid with life stories told to me by my mother. And as I went thru the grind in life, leaving me poor and broke. I started to seek out Metaphysics subjects to help myself. It was not all a smooth journey, I met and learnt from many. From experience, I concluded that there are 3 types of masters, “Master Good, Master Bad and Master Ugly.”

Someone who wrote lots of book on the subjects, and yet, not using any of his written methods during practice. Someone whom I paid thru my nose, and yet, taught me formulas that are totally not practical at all. Someone who teach and contradicts what he taught during practical. I am also blessed to met good Masters that dedicated their life in teaching and sharing authentic Metaphysics.

This learning journal is beyond Metaphysics learning, it is about life. It is about life seen through the eyes of a life coach and metaphysics practitioner.

The purposes of this journal is to,

– Dispel the Myths behind Metaphysics
– Share the Science and Art of Divination
– Empower people with Wisdom

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Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire
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Mentor Steven.