Meet Mentor Steven Tan

As a truly inspirational speaker, he converts his personal experiences into motivation to empower others to face their fears, overcome them and live their life with success and happiness.

From the most humble of beginnings, Steven Tan once had only S$15 in his pocket as a result of a failing business.

He rises from the depths of despair and misery from a failing entrepreneur to highly sought after international speaker and personal coach. It would have been very easy to let the circumstances of his failure to embitter him or negatively impact his life, but that is not what he did. Instead, he decided to turn that pain into greatness by going against all odds and hustling for success.


  • Can be provocative yet powerful

  • Emotional roller coaster

  • Fuelled with motivation

Shortcut to Success

In 2011, Steven was given an opportunity by his business mentor, Dr. Billy Teoh, where he never looked back and developed the business into a million dollar empire. Steven shared one of his secrets of success, “There are three factors for my success. Firstly, my mentor accepted me. Secondly, I accepted my mentor, and lastly, others accepted me. If you want to be successful, find a mentor and be likable, my friend!”
He adopts his leadership style from his mentor while management style from I Ching (易經 Yijing), an ancient book of wisdom for success and good guidance. Thru Yijing, Steven understands that the ‘one size fits all’ solutions do not work when everyone’s situations and circumstances are different.

Your Past Makes You Better, Not Bitter.

Mentor Steven Tan
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Wellness through Education

Steven is a Certified Nutrition and Health Trainer, from International Board of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching (USA), a qualified nutrition coach with a distinction, and has completed numerous courses and training programs with aspects to study of nutrition and the human body.

He combines western nutritional science with eastern wellness concepts to help many to reverse their health conditions. Steven’s approach advocates the interactive concepts of Yin Yang, Five Elements and Ba Gua in easy terms so that people can apply and help themselves to wellness.

In his syllabus, he does not just tell people what to do, he actually shows them how to align their body inner mechanism to work with the Universe.


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