It is the policy of the Yixin Simplified Yijing Academy to issue refunds and/or compensation, where appropriate, to students who withdraw from their Programme, wish to cancel a payment or in other situations covered by this policy.
This policy applies to students who are registered with the Simplified Yijing Academy (the “Academy”) as online, distance learners, offline or participants.
Any refund will depend on the timing of the withdrawal, the student’s Programme, and where applicable, the particular circumstances of the case, as outlined below.
Full payment must be made before the course otherwise there is no guarantee of seat.
Crossed cheques should be made payable to ‘Yixin Simplified Yijing Academy’.
In the case of an incorrect payment due to a printing error, the correct payment will prevail.
Any course fee offered in class is final and student agreed to honour full payment without dispute should there be any shortfall regardless of the reason during the payment process. Yixin Simplified Yijing Academy reserves to right to recover the amount shortfall from the student.

1.Fees which may be fully refundable
In this policy, Fees means Programme Fees and Examination Resit Fees.
Programme Fees means, as applicable for the relevant Programme:
i.Registration Fee/Initial Registration Fee;
ii.Module/course Fee;
iii.Continuing Registration Fee;
iv.Assessment entry fees, Examination entry fees, and Examination fees;
v. Live Event Fee.
Fees may be refunded in the following instances:
a.Cancellation of Payment within the cancellation period
Where a student purchases services or products online or onsite, Fees are normally fully refundable if a student cancels the purchase in the permitted cancellation period (“Cancellation Period”). The Cancellation Period will normally be within 7 days of the Fee payment or, where applicable, from the time the student is given access to programme materials on the Virtual Learning Environment (, whichever is later. To cancel the Fee payments within the Cancellation Period, a student must clearly inform the Academy of their decision to cancel through the Student Portal. The date that the Academy receives a student’s notice of their decision to cancel is the Cancellation Date.If a student has made any Fee payment, or any Fee payment has been made on their behalf (excluding payments of non-refundable fees), the student may subsequently
cancel the payment within the Cancellation Period. In this case, the Academy will provide a full refund as soon as reasonably possible but in any event: either within 7 days of the Cancellation Date; or within 7 days of the Academy receiving returned physical materials (in working and marketable condition) or receiving satisfactory evidence that the materials
have been returned, whichever is earlier. Where the Academy has already despatched learning materials to the student, the student is responsible for returning these materials (in working and marketable conditions) to the Academy upon cancellation. Where learning materials are not returned or found damaged condition, the Academy will deduct their value from Fees paid prior to making the refund. The refund may be reduced where the
value of the materials is affected by unnecessary handling by the student, for example by marking up materials or unnecessarily accessing licensed products. Any refund will normally be made using the same means by which the Fees were paid.
b.Exceptional circumstances. There may be special circumstances in which the Academy will consider reimbursing fees paid once the 14-day cancellation period has passed. Any such case will be considered on its own merit and any decision taken will be at the discretion of the Academy. Details and any supporting evidence should be provided through the Student Portal on the APP.
c.Advance payments.
Programme Fees paid in advance (deposit) to the Academy may not be refunded at all.

2.Fees that are non-refundable:
a.Fees for some services provided by the Academy at the point of request are nonrefundable. These include administration fees (20%), such as the application fee (10%), fees for-changing modules/courses or Virtual Learning Environment participation for a second time (10%), late payment charges (5%), transferring between pathways, or charges associated with recognition of prior learning (10%).
b.The withdrawal or suspension of module/course by the Academy does not constitute grounds for a refund. There may be occasions when an elective (or option) module/course is not offered, but the academic credit available through the module/course offered will always meet the requirements of the qualification and therefore no refund will apply.

3.How to request a refund
All requests for refunds must be made through the Student Portal on the APP.

4.How refunds are applied
If Fees were paid by Debit or Credit Card, the refund will only be made to the person (including an individual or an organisation) who made the original payment. Where the Academy is unable to make the refund to the Debit or Credit Card concerned, an alternative method will be used. This may require provision of further information by the student.
Refunds for domestic and international bank transfers will be made via international payment mechanism determined by the Academy. They will be made to the bank account used (where possible) and the student’s local bank will make any currency exchange necessary from SGD. The Academy is not liable for any variance due to foreign exchange rate fluctuations. All fees to be bear by beneficiary.

5.Debit balances
Students remain liable to pay any outstanding fee debt with administration fees, unless the Academy directs otherwise.

6.Discontinuation of a Programme following registration
In exceptional circumstances, the Academy may discontinue a Programme on which a student has already commenced. In such circumstances the Academy will endeavour to provide advance notice of such discontinuation and to offer the Programme for a period of up to 5 years or until the last student has completed their studies, if this is sooner.
If, following such advance notice, the Academy is unable to offer the Programme for a period of up to 5 years or until the last student has completed their studies, if this is sooner, then the Academy will recommend a suitable alternative programme.
If a student does not wish to embark on the recommended alternative programme, the Academy will provide no refund at all.

7. Material changes to a Programme
In circumstances where the Academy determines that it is necessary to make a material change or updates to a Programme which is likely to have a significant impact on a student’s studies, the Academy will consult with students before final decisions are made, consider any concerns, and will assess these against the needs of the wider student body. Where a student is unhappy with the material change(s) to their Programme, they may withdraw, and the Academy may not refund Programme Fees paid to date.

8. Course Transference
All courses made are non-refundable and non-transferable across courses, between
individuals, countries and all where applicable.

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